Spain’s Diverse Weather and Climate

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Weather in Spain

A popular stereotype of the weather in Spain is that it is warm and sunny all year round. But, did you know that Spain is characterized by five main climatic zones? This means that depending on where you are in the country, you will experience very different weather phenomenon. In this article, we will describe the varying types of weather you can find depending on the zone.


Oceanic Zone

The weather in Spain can be rainyThe first of Spain’s five climatic zones is oceanic, which encompasses the northwestern part of the country, most notably Galicia. This zone receives more rain than other areas and is known as “Green Spain” for its lush vegetation. The weather is often overcast throughout the year; however, the mild and sunny summers definitely make up for it.


Arid Zone

In contrast to the northwestern region, we can see a different category of weather in Spain in the southeast. Found predominantly in Almeria, this arid climate is also known as the desert climate. This zone experiences warm temperatures year round and little rainfall.


Mountain Zone

Like the name suggests, this type of climate can be found in the major mountain ranges in Spain, such as the Peaks of Europe, the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada. This weather is perfect for skiing and snow sports due to its drier and colder temperatures.


Continental Zone

The weather in Spain in its continental zone can be characterized by scorching hot summers, and cold winters. These winters feel especially chilly due to strong winds and high humidity.  Unlike the oceanic zone, places that fall in this area tend to receive little rainfall.


Mediterranean Zone

You can expect the weather in Spain in its Mediterranean climatic zone to be dry, as well as warm to hot in the summer, and cool to mild Sunny warm weather at Spain's beachesin the winter. Locations in this area receive hot winds from the north of Africa, sometimes carrying dust from the nearby continent!

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Spain’s Weather: Endless Possibilities

The diverse climates and weather in Spain allow you to have a well-rounded experience, especially in regards to outdoor activities. You can read up on fun and interesting activities here.

You can even experience more than one climate in a single day! For example, the province of Granada contains both mountainous terrain and beaches. So, you could spend the day skiing in the Sierra Nevada, and relax at the beach by night! Whether you like tanning by the pool in Malaga or hiking in the Rioja, there is a climate for everyone. Be sure not to forget about the Canary Islands, which are just a flight away and maintain tropical temperatures year round. Your options are limitless, so get out there and explore!


No matter what the weather is, your study abroad experience in Spain will be unforgettable. Contact us today for more information on how you can make your dream of coming to Spain come true!



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