Top 7 Coolest Summer Festivals in Spain

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Summer Festivals in Spain

Studying abroad in Spain during the summer has many advantages. You can go to the beach, travel in great weather, and it won’t interfere with your studies back home. Did you know that there are many cool summer festivals in Spain as well? Let’s take a look at the most popular ones that you can see during your summer study abroad experience!


April Fair in Seville

The April Fair, or Feria de Abril, in Seville is one of the most well-known summer festivals in Spain. The women wear flamenco dresses with flowers in their hair, and the men wear suits. Lots of people gather at the fairgrounds, which are lined with casestas. These are stands or tents owned by families or organizations. The April Fair is one of the Summer Festivals in SpainYou can see people dancing sevillanas­, which is a traditional flamenco dance. They also drink rebujito – a drink made from manzanilla wine and a lemon soda, such as Sprite or 7 Up. It is one of the most traditional summer festivals in Spain, and definitely should not be missed!

Córdoba Courtyard Festival

Every year in May, there is a competition to see who can decorate their courtyard the most beautifully with flowers in Córdoba. The vibrant hues of the flowers are contrasted with the white walls of the buildings, which make for stunning scenery. Although you can find flowers decorating walls in Córdoba at any time of the year, this festival really amps up the city. You won’t be able to find a more picturesque summer festival in Spain!

Flower Decorating in Cordoba


Primavera Sound

Another one of the coolest summer festivals in Spain is called Primavera Sound. This is a week-long concert that takes place in Barcelona. It features some of the hottest artists of the year, and their most popular tracks. If you’re planning on attending, make sure you buy your tickets well in advance because they sell out quickly. You can check out this year’s lineup here and buy your tickets here.

Bonfires of San Juan

Every year on June 23rd, many cities in Spain partake in a summer festival to celebrate Saint John, or San Juan in Spanish. You will be able to find this celebration in many parts of Spain, such as Galicia and Valencia. The largest celebration takes place in Alicante. During this festival, Spaniards flock to the beach and light bonfires. They also organize extravagant firework displays. It is a great summer festival to enjoy at the beach with your friends!

Bonfires on the beach during the San Juan celebration

Battle of Wine

Perhaps one of the most unique summer festivals in Spain that you can see is the Battle of Wine, or Batalla de Vino, in La Rioja region. It is celebrated on June 29th to honor San Pedro, or Saint Peter. Attendees wear white and bring buckets, jugs, bottles, or whatever they can find, and fill them with red wine. After attending a morning mass, the city erupts in a free-for-all. Everyone ends up drenched in wine, and after, they return to the center of town to continue the celebration.


Running of the Bulls

This is one of Spain’s most well-known summer festivals around the world. Known as Fiesta de San Fermín in Spanish, it takes place in Pamplona, which is found in the Navarre province in northern Spain. The traditional clothing is all white with hints of red on the belt, and a handkerchief worn around the neck. The sound of a rocket marks the beginning of the celebration at 8 a.m., and the bulls are released. Daring attendees run in front of the bulls, while the majority watch from the sidelines.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona


Tomatina Festival

The town of Buñol in the Valencia region comes alive towards the end of August to host one of the most fun summer festivals in Spain. It’s called Tomatina, and it lasts all week long. Tens of thousands of people visit from all over the world to partake in this festival. The day before, contestants participate in a paella cooking contest. The next day, the city is bustling as people throw tomatoes at each other, which arrive by the truckload. A canon fire signals the end of the celebration.

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