Spanish Student Visa Requirements

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How to Get the Spanish Student Visa

If you are from the USA and are thinking about studying abroad in Spain for more than 90 days and less than 180 days, you are going to need a student visa. Countless hours of research about requirements and documents has probably left you tired, confused, and disheartened.  We at Spain-Study know the process is difficult, and in this article, we are going to break down the requirements for the Spanish student visa.

Passport with a Spanish Student Visa


Know Your Consulate

Before starting the application process for the Spanish student visa, it is important to know which consulate you should go to. There are nine Spanish Consulates located throughout the US, and they are located in the following cities:Map of the United States

  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • Houston
  • New York
  • Puerto Rico
  • Washington, D.C.

Didn’t find your city listed? Don’t worry! You can check to see if your state is covered under the nearest consulate’s jurisdiction, and apply there.

Documents, Documents, and More Documents

After finding out which consulate you should apply to, the next step is to start gathering all of the required paperwork to bring to your Spanish student visa appointment. Unfortunately for students, the necessary documents vary from consulate to consulate, making the process extremely frustrating. Here is a list of documents that most consulates will require:

1. Passport

You will need to bring your physical passport, along with a photocopy of the page with your photo and information. Make sure you have at least one blank page, so that after obtaining the Spanish student visa, it can be affixed with no problems.

2. Proof of Residency

You will need to prove that you are a resident of your state. You can do this with a residency card, or a driver’s license.

3. Acceptance Letter of a Study Abroad Program

To get the Spanish student visa, you’ll need to prove that you will actually be a student in Spain. By choosing one of our study abroad programs, we can take care of this step for you and supply you with the letter.

4. Proof of Funds
Student Holding American Money

During your stay, you’ll have to prove that you will have enough money to survive. You can prove that you have these funds by your own bank account statements, a notarized letter alongwith bank statements from your parents, or a scholarship. The specific amount will depend on the duration of the program, and when you apply to one of our 3 month or 6 month programs, we can help you figure out the total amount. Don’t know how much things usually cost in Spain? Check out this article to get a better idea!

5. National Visa Application

You’ll need to fill out two National Visa Applications and attach a passport sized photo to both. You can see an example of the application form here.


Spanish Student Visa Requirements Can Vary

Like previously mentioned, one of the irritating elements of the Spanish student visa application process is that not all of the consulates require the same things. One could require a specific document, whereas at another, perhaps they won’t mention it at all.

Additionally, ways to hand in the paperwork differ depending on the location. Some consulates specify that you must present everything in person the day of your appointment, and others say that sending everything in with a prepaid envelope is enough.

Have an urgent question and your consulate is not responding to you? This is a frequent problem that many students face, because ways of communicating with the consulates differs. For example, some only respond if you call them on the phone, while others will respond with an email.


Consequences of Making a Mistake

So, you’ve gathered all of your documents and walk into your Spanish student visa appointment confidently. You hand the person on the other side of the desk your documents, and then the unexpected happens. They inform you that you are missing a document, and that one of them has a mistake.

What happens now? Well, like always, that depends entirely on the consulate. Some might be understanding and allow you to print what you are missing and fill it out. However, some will require you to make a new appointment, resubmit your documents, and pay the visa fee again.


We Can Help!

At Spain-Study, we are experts in the Spanish student visa application process and its requirements. All of our programs that require a visa have this service included, so there’s no need worry about a thing. We will send you a checklist of the documents you need along with a description of each item. After getting your documents together, you will then send them to us, and we will check them over for you. We will let you know if everything is okay to be submitted, and if it’s not, we will tell you what needs to be changed. You can then submit your documents with confidence, knowing that you’ll receive the visa with no problems. 


Contact us today for information and find out the many ways you can come to Spain!

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