10 Useful and Funny Spanish Expressions

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Spanish Expressions Everyone Should Know

Idioms and typical expressions are extremely useful when trying to communicate in any language. If you are studying Spanish, or considering learning it, knowing these Spanish expressions will have you sounding like a native speaker in no time.


Tener memoria de pez

Literal Meaning: To have the memory of a fish

Actual Meaning: To have a very bad memorySer pan comido means piece of cake


Ser pan comido

Literal Meaning: To be eaten bread

Actual Meaning: To be very easy; a piece of cake


Tomar el pelo

Literal Meaning: To take the hair

Actual Meaning: To make fun of someone; to pull someone’s leg

Meter la pata

Literal Meaning: To put your leg

Actual Meaning: To mess up; to make a mistakeFlipar en colores is one of the many Spanish expressions


Flipar en colores

Literal Meaning: To flip colors

Actual Meaning: To be amazed


El mundo es un pañuelo

Literal Meaning: The world is a tissue

Actual Meaning: It’s a small world


Hablar por los codos

Literal Meaning: To talk through your elbows

Actual Meaning: To ramble on; someone who talks a lot

Temblar como un flan

Literal Meaning: To shake like a flanMedia Naranja Means Soulmate

Actual Meaning: To be very nervous


Encontrar tu media naranja

Literal Meaning: To find your half orange

Actual Meaning: To find your soulmate



Literal Meaning: Eye!

Actual Meaning: Be careful; lookout


By integrating these typical Spanish expressions into your everyday speech, you’ll amaze all of the native speakers you come into contact with. This brief list includes just a few of the many Spanish expressions you’ll learn throughout your studies, and you’ll pick up even more when you communicate with the locals! You can discover even more idioms here.

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