Useful Professional Skills You Can Gain By Teaching In Spain

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Enhance Your Resume by Teaching in Spain

If you are considering having an experience abroad in Spain, you may have considered teaching English. Don’t have a degree in Education? Not a problem! By teaching in Spain, you will gain and improve upon certain skills that will enhance your resume, no matter what field you are in. Let’s find out how!


Time Management and Organizational Skills

You are about to begin teaching in Spain, and now it is time to plan your classes. You’ve seen your schedule, and have classes of all ages and levels. In addition to enjoying your free time, how will you fit in organizing all of your classes and activities for your students?

Better Time Management and Orgranizational Skills

By teaching in Spain, you will learn a lot about time management. Between classes at school, private English lessons, and free time, you’ll have to spread out your time to make sure you can get everything done. This means evenly allocating time to each facet, and making sure you stick to your schedule.

In addition, by teaching in Spain your organizational skills will become impeccable. You’ll have to keep track of your classes, your students’ work, and your own personal timeline. These are skills that will be extremely useful to you as you continue teaching, or if you decide to try a different job in the future.

Interpersonal Skills and Psychology

Teaching in Spain to people of all ages and backgrounds will help you improve your interpersonal skills. Working closely with students day to day will give you capabilities to work with many different types of individuals. Furthermore, dealing with students from different walks of life will increase your emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to better understand human psychology and development and apply that knowledge to interacting with your students. These qualities will not only help you to be a better teacher, but to better interact with people in any job that you have.

Public Speaking

Most people are familiar with the nerves that come with speaking to a large audience. For the majority of people, the simple thought of it is enough to make them anxious. By teaching in Spain, you’ll be forced to speak publically every day to your classes. Better Your Public Speaking Skills by Teaching in SpainWhile this may seem a little unnerving at first, you’ll be surprised at your own personal progress. By the end of the year, you’ll be a pro with all of the practice you obtain, and your confidence will soar. This is an extremely useful skill that will help you in any occupation. If you can speak comfortably in front of a classroom full of teenagers, you’ll be able to speak in front of anyone.


Problem Solving

You’ve started teaching your class, and all of a sudden you witness an argument between students. How will you handle the situation?

By teaching in Spain, you’ll learn how to problem solve. This may mean anything from facilitating disruptions in class, to improvising a lesson when your presentation doesn’t load. Additionally, students may ask you questions about your prepared content that you weren’t expecting. How do you answer them? This ability to think quickly on your feet can be applied to many situations in your professional life, and will help you dismantle any problem quickly and with ease.



Teaching in Spain will definitely enhance your leadership capabilities. As the authority figure in the classroom, you’ll have to assume a leadership role to maintain control. This type of position will better enable you to take on further leadership roles in the future. For example, you may find yourself leading a team project, or managing a group of individuals. The confidence you get from teaching in Spain will help you to complete these tasks easily.

Improve Your Leadership Capabilities


Teaching Experience

Most obviously, by teaching in Spain, you’ll gain valuable teaching experience. For those of you who are working in the education field, this will definitely be a resume booster. Teaching in a different country will make you more comfortable with the position. If you are able to manage a class where the native language is not your own, you’ll be able to tackle anything. You can bring the experience you gain back with you when you eventually teach in your own country, or maybe even a different country abroad!


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