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4 Reasons to Teach Private English Lessons in Spain

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There are a couple of ways to teach English lessons in Spain (or anywhere else in the world probably). You can work in an English academy, you can work in a public elementary school, you can teach English online, etc. One really popular way is to teach private English lessons. This means going to your students’ houses, sitting in their living rooms, and teaching them English for an hour or two hours or whatever you both decide. The idea might seem a bit daunting and a little weird—knocking on the door of a stranger’s home and teaching an English lesson for a full hour one on one. But it’s common practice in Spain, and if you can get over the nerves and weirdness, it’s one of the most lucrative ways to make money in Spain.


Here’s four reasons to teach private English lessons in Spain:


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1. Good money 

You should never charge less than 10 euros an hour for a private lesson. In bigger cities, you can charge more money because people have more money and demand is higher. Many English teachers won’t give a private lesson for less than 15 euros an hour. Let’s do the math. If you charge 15 euros per lesson, and teach four lessons a day from Monday to Friday, you make 60 euros a day, 300 euros a week, and 1,200 euros a month! That’s 375 euros more than the Spanish monthly minimum wage of 825 euros per month, and that’s only working 20 hours per week. That is good money.

2. Entrepreneurial practice

You can choose to charge 15 euros an hour for private lessons and keep it simple, or you can work your business mind and get a little creative. You can create offers and discounts to make even more money in a shorter period of time. Charge 15 euros an hour for a one on one private lesson, or 20 euros an hour for a two on one private lesson. That is, if your student brings a friend, 15 euros an hour becomes 10 euros an hour for each of them and 20 euros for you. Now, imagine you want to teach group conversation lessons. Find five students willing to pay 10 euros for an hour of English conversation, and you made yourself 50 euros in one hour!  Work your entrepreneurial mind, and you can live like a king.

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3. You make your own schedule

You have all the power to either make your life a piece of cake or make your life a living hell. Let us paint you a picture. A decent schedule looks like working from 4 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday. You work from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. You give yourself a half hour to get to your next lesson. Then, you work from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, then from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, then from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. A great schedule looks like working for a couple of hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons giving group conversation lessons in a little café making those 50 euros per hour. A terrible schedule looks like waking up at 10:00 am on Saturday morning to earn 15 euros with the worst hangover ever. Use your little business mind, and make your life a piece of cake.


4. You decide what kind of students you want

The reoccurring theme of why you should teach private English lessons is that you have full autonomy. And, demand for English teachers is so high that you can exercise that autonomy and create a great life for yourself. That theme applies here as well. When a student contacts you and tells you they want English conversation classes and then some grammar and they need help with their prepositions and they are confused by some phrasal verbs, blah, blah, blah… say no! This is a nightmare student. When a parent contacts you and says that their child needs help with their English homework, say yes! This is a gift from the gods. You are in full control of your own life.

So, there you have it! The four reasons why you should teach private English lessons in Spain is really just one big reason: You can live like a king.

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Another way to make extra cash could be working in English academies in the morning or in the afternoon. To do so, it’s a good idea to become TEFL certified or CELTA/DELTA certified as most of the academies require these certificates to hire English teachers.

You can learn more about these certifications on this post .

There are plenty of schools that offer these courses in Spain so you can get it while you are teaching English in Spain in order to become a full certified English teacher. If you wish to get  more information about Spanish courses in Spain,  you can fill our form and we will help you to find the right TEFL ,CELTA or DELTA course for you.

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