8 Amazing Places You Must Visit in Spain

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8 Places to Visit in Spain

Are you thinking about coming to Spain but have no idea where you should visit? In this article, we will tell you the 8 places to visit in Spain that should not be missed.


Located in the Basque Country, Bilbao is one of Spain’s most unique cities. The Basque region is not only known for its own distinct native language, but also for its amazing cuisine. You can read about some of Bilbao’s best pintxo bars, or tapas bars, here.

There is also a plethora of interesting museums you can visit. One of the most famous is the Guggenheim Museum, which is well-known for its fascinating and interesting architectural design. Additionally, it is home to a gigantic spider sculpture – perfect for a unique photo op! You also shouldn’t miss walking over the Zubizuri bridge, an architectural wonder unlike no other in the world.



If you’re looking for places to visit in Spain, you should definitely add Barcelona to your list. It’s Spain’s second largest city, and like Bilbao, is full of remarkable architecture. Visit the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell and see some of Antoni Gaudí’s fantastical works. With the city’s four kilometers of beach, experience both city life and a calm, relaxing beach trip all in one day. Then, take advantage of the hundreds of options of delectable restaurants, and enjoy the fun nightlife! Click here to see why Barcelona is a great study abroad location.



Madrid is One of the Places to Visit in SpainBeing the country’s largest city and its capital, Madrid is certainly one of the places to visit in Spain. You can visit the Royal Palace or stroll through the scenic Retiro Park. You can also visit Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s vibrant main square. Madrid is also home to many world-class museums, such as the Prado National Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum!

Madrid is composed of 21 districts, and each one has its own style and characteristics. Pop over to Malasaña for a drink with friends and see some urban art, or go to La Latina for some amazing tapas!


Frequently overlooked, Galicia is also one of the many amazing places to visit in Spain. Its lush, green landscape year round makes it different from the rest of the country. People in Galicia speak Galician, or gallego, which is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese. You’ll have the luck of being able to practice two languages!

Its location on the Atlantic coast makes for some rainy weather during the fall and the winter, but when the summer comes, it’s simply unbeatable. Travel to the Cies Islands right off the coast of Vigo, Galicia’s largest city, and see white sand beaches and turquoise waters. A trip to Santiago de Compostela, the region’s capital, is also definitely not to be missed. It boasts a small town charm with a beautiful cathedral. You’ll also be able to meet people from around the world who are completing the Pilgrimage of Santiago! You can take a scenic drive along the coast for stunning views, and stop in the small enchanting villages along the way.

Galicia is also famous for its delectable seafood. Try the region’s specialty, pulpo a feira, or octopus, for an interesting culinary experience.

Lush Greenery in Galicia, Spain Cies Islands in Vigo, Galicia



When coming to Spain, Granada is a place that should be on everyone’s list. It also boasts a fantastic location, being situated among the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This makes it a perfect winter destination to do some skiing or snowboarding. However, Granada is simply marvelous at any time of the year. Make sure you book your tickets in advance to see the Alhambra, Granada’s famous palace. There, you will be able to see breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains while admiring interesting architecture.

If you order something to drink in Granada, chances are high that it will be accompanied by a free tapa. This is a great way to try the region’s cuisine without breaking the bank!


The Canary Islands

Another one of the spectacular places to visit in Spain if you’re looking to get away from it all is the Canary Islands. Each island has a different vibe, and traveling between them is super easy. You can take a short flight, or take a ferry. Tenerife is one of the most visited islands, as it’s intriguing black sand beaches are a popular tourist attraction. You can also travel to the top of Mount Teide in a cable car, and see panoramic views of the island.

Black Sand Beaches at the Canary Islands

Furthermore, if you’re looking to get some surfing in, there’s no better place than Fuerteventura. The strong winds of the island make for some big waves. You can also go to Gran Canaria, which is also known for its city life and prime surfing locations.



Córdoba is an interesting place to visit in Spain because it is a meeting point for different cultures and religions. Its famous for its Mosque, which features both Moorish and Christian architecture.  Walking down the narrow, white streets, you won’t be able to miss the beautiful patios decorated with flowers. You can even visit during May to witness its Patio Festival, and see the streets even more beautifully decorated than normal.

Like most regions in Spain, Córdoba also has its own unique culinary twist. When visiting Córdoba, you have to try the Salmorejo Cordobés, one of the most popular tapas.

Decorated Patio with Flowers in Cordoba


Last but not least, Sevilla should also be on the list of everyone’s top places to visit in Spain. Its sunny weather and friendly people make the city a truly welcoming place. During your visit, be sure not to miss seeing a Flamenco show, or taking a walk along the Guadalquivir River. If you’re daring, you can climb to the top of the city’s emblematic Giralda Tower for amazing views of the city. If you plan your visit during its world famous April Fair, you’ll be able to see the city come alive as everyone makes their way to the fairgrounds dressed in traditional Flamenco clothes. During your stay, you shouldn’t leave without visiting the Real Alcazar, Sevilla’s royal palace that was also a Game of Thrones filming location. You can read more about why you should choose Sevilla here. 




What are you waiting for? Plan your visit now, or plan to study abroad in one of these cities with our programs!

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