Get to Know the Lifestyle in Andalucía

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Characteristics of the Lifestyle in Andalucía

Many people who decide to leave their country to have an experience abroad in Spain find themselves drawn to its southernmost region: Andalucía. This region is characterized by many things, ranging from incredible weather year round, to a laidback lifestyle. In this article, we will present you with typical characteristics of the lifestyle in Andalucía.


1. A Calmer Way of Life

Girl Stopped to Smell the RosesThe lifestyle in Andalucía moves at a slower, more relaxed pace. This is evident not only in the leisurely speed at which the locals walk, but also in the general sense. Unlike countries such as the United States, it is rare to see someone rushing around frantically to reach their destination. Instead, you will most likely see people casually strolling down the street and appreciating their surroundings. Even if that means arriving a few minutes late to wherever they need to be!


2. Working to Live, not Living to Work

Something different about life in Andalucía compared is that the people work to live, rather than live to work. In general, people from the countires like the US have demanding work schedules that result in complete exhaustion at the end of the day. After a strenuous day, many only have the energy to eat dinner and sleep to prepare for the next day. While this may work for some people, people in Andalucía look at life differently. They realize that everything doesn’t have to be about work, and that people should stop and enjoy the little things.


3. Warm Weather and Warm People

It’s no doubt that the south of Spain has a great climate year round. Hot summers, warm falls, moderate winters and pleasant springs attract many to permanently reside in the area. You can read up on Andalucía’s weather here. You will find that most people who live in Andalucía can be described as warm as well. Life in Andalucía is best lived on the streets. At any time of the day you will see family and friends enjoying a nice meal together, having an afternoon coffee with a sweet treat, or simply taking a walk while enjoying each other’s company. People in Andalucía are known to be extremely friendly and welcoming, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling like an outsider during your stay. 


Lifestyle in Andalucia is Warm and Happy

4. Low Cost of Living

A great thing about the lifestyle in Andalucía is that it is generally inexpensive compared to other places. Activities such as going to the supermarket or dining out in restaurants aren’t going to break the bank. If you are coming to Spain to study or to work, this is great news because you can invest your extra savings in traveling, or taking advantage of the surrounding cultural activities. Find out more about the cost of living in Spain here. 


5. Late Nights and Not So Early Mornings

The lifestyle in Andalucía usually gets off to a late start, and doesn’t finish until late. It’s typical to see people enjoying a coffee and toast until late in the afternoon, or taking advantage of a long lunch break by taking a siesta, or nap, before heading back to work. This rest is definitely needed, as meeting a friend for dinner can turn out to be an all-night event!


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