Learning Spanish in Spain

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3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish in Spain

Are you conisdering learning a language abroad? This article will tell you 3 reasons why learning Spanish in Spain is a great option for you.


1.Learning Spanish in Spain

First, let’s talk numbers. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, amounting to more than 560 million people. Yes, 560 million!

Did you also know that there are more Spanish speakers in the USA than in Spain? According to the Cervantes Institute, there are 52 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. It’s over 5 million more than the total number of inhabitants of Spain! The Spanish language is very important in the world today. By learning Spanish in Spain, you’ll become a Spanish speaking pro in no time.

Learning Spanish in Spain


2. Location


Spanish Geography

The country is a wonder due to the fact that it is the only country within the European Union where Spanish is the native language. It has almost 5,000 kms of coast and several of the most important ski resorts in Europe. By learning Spanish in Spain, you’ll have the opportunity to visit these interesting locations and participate in many outdoor activities. You can read up on some of these activities here.


Traveling from Spain

Additionally, thanks to the Schengen Area, you can move freely throughout the countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement.  In this agreement, we can find such countries as France, Italy, and Germany. Along with practicing your newly improved Spanish in Spain, you’ll be able to practice the native languages found in the countries mentioned above, and also the many that were not mentioned.

Boy Traveling with a Backpack in the City

Did you know that Africa is only 14 kilometers from the southernmost point of Spain? From a small village called Tarifa (known for its world-famous windsurfing) you can even see the white houses in the north of Morocco with the naked eye. By boat it takes less than an hour to arrive in Morocco’s wonderful northern cities. If you really want to have an authentic Berber experience, you could spend a night under the stars of the Sahara desert.

Spain is located in a key area, allowing you to spend some incredible months within its borders, visit the rest of Europe, and even make a trip to North Africa if you wish.


3. Cultural Integration 

Lastly, here in Spain you will have all the necessities to make your stay unforgettable. Along with quick connections to major Spanish cities and with all of Europe, you will also find different geographical features such as mountains and the beach at every corner. Read some useful tips on traveling within Spain here.

Most importantly, the people of Spain are famous for how they help integrate foreigners. Group of Friends Having FunNobody here is considered a true outsider and you can immerse yourself in culture from the minute you arrive.

By learning Spanish in Spain, your study abroad experience will truly be a cultural integration rather than an academic course that you forget with time. So, what are you waiting for? Check out some of our programs today!

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