Jenny’s Experience: From New Mexico to Seville

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Jenny’s Experience in Spain

It was a pleasure to welcome Jenny to Spain this September. Jenny has spent her time in Sevilla studying Spanish through one of our programs, and in this article you can read more about her experience so far!


Why were you inspired to come to Spain?

I have always been intrigued by travel. From a very young age I have been lucky enough to see many places, Spain being one of them. I attended a school trip to Spain the summer after my senior year of high school. The 10 day trip included cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and last but not least, Sevilla. It was incredible. Fast forward 5 years later I am back. Almost a year ago I graduated from my university and it was then that I decided I needed more, more experiences, places to see, and inspiration. However, I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go. I had looked into different places throughout Europe and a little in South America, all of which looked appealing but as soon as my cousin (whom is in Spain with me now) came across Spain-Study through a Facebook page, nothing seemed more perfect.


Why did you select the city that you chose?

In the beginning, the decision as to what city in Spain we would move to seemed difficult. Francesca, an incredible Spain-Study employee, proceeded to gather information from us in order to find a school that would work best for us. After researching she was able to provide us with a few different options offering the best prices that fit our specifications. The final decision was narrowed down to Barcelona or Sevilla. When I talked to people in the United States about Spain and the decision that had to be made, Barcelona was often one of the first cities mentioned. However, what I begin to find further into the conversations was that the city of Sevilla is where traditional Spanish cultural has been preserved. As the world is getting smaller and contrasts between cultures has grown weaker a city like Sevilla has grown rare. With this city also being the home base of Spain-Study, providing a more face to face program, the decision was simple.


How was your impression of Spain when you first arrived?

As we had previously spent a week in Germany, my first impression of Spain was the warmth. Which only added to my content of the city I had chose. Also.. Sevilla has palm trees!


How was your airport pickup with Spain-Study?

After the stress of my past experiences arriving to a new city or country, having an airport pickup is incredible! I did not have to worry about whether I had to take a taxi, bus, or shuttle. This alone was able to lower my stress level immensely.


Describe your Spanish classes. Have you noticed an improvement in your language capabilities since taking the classes?

Being from New Mexico or the states in general, the Spanish language is very common. I have grown up taking Spanish classes from age 8 to 18 and I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable with the language than I have during my classes here in Sevilla. The school I am attending, Giralda Center, offers small classes giving the ability to have constant one-on-one interaction with the teachers. They are very persistent on only speaking Spanish in and out of class which is exactly what I need. The school itself is very welcoming, full of smiling faces and people willing to make conversation and help with anything.


Have you noticed any cultural differences between Spain and the USA? Please describe them briefly.

As far as cultural differences between the USA and Spain go, …emoji significance varies greatly. Sometimes an emoji with a cowboy hat is not just an emoji with a cowboy hat.


What is your favorite thing about Spain?

My favorite thing about Spain is a tie between a siesta and Jamón Imberico.


What are some things you miss from the USA?

What do I miss from the USA? Chick-fi-le is a given and of course I miss my friends and family but they are missed everywhere I travel. When I stop to think what I actually miss from the USA besides some foods I crave and the people I love there isn’t too much that I can’t get here in Spain.


Do you have any advice for any prospective students before they come to Spain? What are some things you wish you would have known before arriving?

Being an over thinker, my advice for any prospective student would be to not over think it, especially when going through Spain-Study. The hardest part about getting to where I am now was the decision to pack up and leave the comfort of my home. After that, everything else was much easier with someone to help me through it. Something I wish I had known before arriving was that although Spain, specifically Sevilla does get very hot in the summer and stays somewhat warm throughout the year, you will in fact experience a winter. Although not for long, a jacket or two will be necessary.


Describe your general experience so far in Spain. Any additional information you want us or future students to know?

So far, living in Spain has significantly passed my expectations. I never thought I would dislike living here but I didn’t imagine I would become so accustomed and happy with the lifestyle so quickly. I attend my Spanish classes in the morning and have the afternoons to do what I want. The amazing part of moving my life to Sevilla is that normal daily things such as going to the gym or buying groceries turn into cultural experiences. Even my walk to class early in the morning is breathtaking because it is just as stores are opening up, the sun is grazing the top of the cathedral and the city is waking up. Last but not least, although I am here to learn, the nightlife in Sevilla has never disappointed.

We would like to thank Jenny for her thoughtful answers, and we hope she continues to enjoy her time here in Sevilla. Live your own amazing Spanish adventure by checking out our programs, and contact us today for even more information!


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