Benefits of Getting Certified to Teach English In Person

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The Benefits of Getting Certified to Teach English In Person Rather Than Online

In a previous post, we discussed the differences and similarities between the TEFL and CELTA certifications. Additionally, we talked about the many benefits of getting certified to teach English. But, did you ever consider the benefits of getting certified to teach English in a classroom, rather than online?

Learn in a Classroom Environment


Getting Certified to Teach English in a Classroom vs. Online

Today you can find many different online platforms that offer TEFL or CELTA certifications. However, it is highly recommended that you choose to get your certification in a classroom environment. Why? Let’s find out!


Experienced Teachers

Getting certified to teach English at a school or academy will grant you access to faculty that with a lot of experience and training in the field. They can offer you sound advice, as well as answer any questions you have instantly based off experience. On an online platform, you’ll be on your own with no guidance. This is omething that in the long term won’t help you learn as much or as well.


Sense of CommunityGetting Certified to Teach English with a Community

Learning in a classroom will give you a sense of community that you won’t be able to find through an online course. You’ll be among other aspiring teachers, who will be going through the same intensive course as you. Therefore, they will be experiencing the same successes and difficulties. Being surrounded by like-minded people will inspire and motivate you. Additionally, you will be able to solve whatever problem arises together with your peers. This is something that won’t be possible in a solitary, online training.


Hands-On Experience

Part of the TEFL and CELTA course is getting real life experience teaching English to students. Being face to face with them provides an enriched experience. Moreover, you will truly get a feel of what it means to be a teacher in a classroom. Many people who choose to get certified to teach English online do not experience this phenomenon. They may find themselves nervous and unprepared to manage a classroom.


Giving Private Lessons to Practice

Giving private English lessons to students is something that many English teachers abroad do. By being a country full of motivated and determined English learners, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to give classes. You will even be able to use what you learned in class to practice and improve your teaching methods. You can read about the advantages of teaching private English lessons here.


A Teacher Helping a Student

Learn the Local Language at the Same Time

By getting certified to teach English in another country, you’ll be exposed to the local language and have the opportunity to learn it. By becoming a language student yourself, not only will you gain a new skillset that you can use to enhance your resume, but you’ll have an inside look into how language learning works. You’ll understand the difficulties that language students have, and be able to keep them in mind when you teach English. If you’re thinking of coming to Spain, read this article about more benefits of learning Spanish in Spain.

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