Advantages of Taking a Gap Year in Spain

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Why You Should Take Your Gap Year in Spain

Nowadays, a typical life plan for students looks like this: Apply to colleges. Graduate high school. Attend college the following fall semester. Graduate college. Do a Master’s program. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, an option that not many consider is taking a year to explore the world before diving into studies. Student Studying with BooksThis applies whether you are an undergraduate, or thinking about doing a Master’s program. By taking a gap year in Spain, not only will you enhance your language skills, but you’ll also experience a different culture and way of life. Additionally, through your travels, you will grow, and be able to apply your experiences when upon your return.

In this article, we will present you with the following advantages of taking a gap year in Spain.


New Experiences, Tricky Situations and Problem Solving

Taking a gap year in Spain will mean many things, but above all, it will mean independence. Picture this: Your plane has just landed in Spain. You now are making your way down the aisle to the exit. You frantically navigate through a sea of people through the airport. Finally, you have to figure out how to reach your destination. If you don’t speak the language, this could be a hectic situation. While stressful in the moment, this experience along with others will show you that you can prosper in the unknown and solve problems by yourself.   


Improve Your Language Skills

By being fully immersed, your Spanish language skills will improve if you choose to take a gap year in Spain.  Luckily, there are many options in which you can enhance your language capabilities. Study it at a language academy. Practice daily with your local host or Au Pair family. Interact with locals on the street. The opportunities are endless, and the benefits you will reap will stay with you long after your study abroad experience. You can read more about the importance of studying Spanish here.


Travel, travel, travel!

Your gap year in Spain will grant you many opportunities to travel. Travel within the country’s borders to a multitude of Spanish cities, Pack a Suitcase and Travel through Europe and Spaineach with their own special touch. Adjacent to Spain is Portugal, where you can enjoy a different culture, language, and vibration of life. Not too far away lie many other European countries that are just waiting to be explored. Take advantage of your freedom and youth and travel as far, and as often, as you can.


Stand Out from the Crowd

An experience abroad and proficiency in a foreign language is not something that everyone can add to their checklist of skills. Whether you are applying to college, a Master’s program, or jobs in the future, you will be able to set yourself apart from others instantly. Use your complete comprehension of the Spanish language to interact with Spanish speakers. Manage foreign relations with ease with your understanding of diverse cultures. These, among many others, make you a strong candidate in whatever you choose to do. You can read more about the benefits of learning a second language here, and apply them to your future endeavors.


Many Options for Your Gap Year in Spain

Fortunately, you will not be limited on ways in which you can come to Spain. Gain professional experience by doing an internship with a local Spanish company. Get certified to teach English through a TEFL or CELTA program, and become a better candidate when applying for English teaching jobs. Be an Au Pair while studying Spanish, and watch your language skills soar through the roof by being fully immersed. Check out our programs here and see the many ways you can take a gap year in Spain.

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