Where was Game of Thrones filmed in Spain?

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Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Spain

Game of Thrones is a series that you’ve most likely heard of, once, twice, or a million times in your life. It’s a captivating series with an exciting story-line that has taken the world by storm. Did you know that there are many Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain? Let’s discover where!

Catalonia Region

In Canet de Mar found in the Catalonia region, we can see one of the many Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain. It’s castle, called Castell de Santa Florentina, was used in Season 6 of the series. It was portrayed as a home to the Tarly’s in the fictional town of Horn Hill.


Navarre Region

The Navarre region’s Bardenas Reales badlands were also used as one of Game of Thrones’ filming locations in Spain. It can be recognized as the Dothraki Sea.

The Bardenas Reales was one of the Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Spain



The Castle of Zafra in Guadalajara was used as one of many Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain. You might recognize it through one of Bran Stark’s visions as the Tower of Joy, in the Red Mountains of Dorne. It made its appearance in Episode 3.


Andalucía Region

The Andalucía region boasted many Game of Throne filming locations in Spain as well. Seville’s Alcazar was featured as Sunspear, the capital of Dorne, and its Water Gardens. A trip to the Roman ruins of Italica in Santiponce will transport you to the Dragonpit in Kings Landing. The bullfighting ring, or the Plaza de Toros in Osuna was used as the main fighting pit in Meereen.

The Real Alcazar in Seville was used as DorneInside of the Alcazar in Seville










Additionally, the Long Bridge of Volantis can be seen in Córdoba. You can also see Highgarden here at the Castillo de Almodóvar del Río.


Almería Region

You can also find many Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain in the Almería region. Mesa Roldán and Sorbas were used for locations just outside of Meereen. The Tabernas Desert was used as part of the Dothraki Sea, and El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla was used as Vaes Dothrak, the only city in the Dothraki Sea. Furthermore, the Alcazaba of Almería was used as part of Dorne’s Water Gardens.

Basque Country

One of the most well-known Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain can be found in the Basque Country. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe was used as Dragonstone Castle. You can even climb its 241 steps and take a tour to get the full experience! Find out more about that here.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe as Dragonstone Castle



Many other places were used as Game of Thrones filming location in Spain, such as Cáceres. Here you can recognize Oldtown, the second largest city in the Seven Kingdoms and the oldest major city in Westeros.

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