Different Ways to Find Private English Lessons in Spain

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How to Find Private English Lessons in Spain

If you’re currently in Spain, teaching private English lessons is a great way to make some extra income. Whether you’ve come to study Spanish or to get a teaching certification, the experience you gain teaching will enhance your resume. But, where can you find private English lessons in Spain? In this article, we will tell you some different ways you can find them!


Word of Mouth

Perhaps the easiest way to find private English lessons in Spain is by word of mouth. With such a high demand to learn English, you can meet potential students simply by striking up a conversation at a café, or when you are out for a drink with friends. Maybe even your new Spanish friends will know of people who are interested!

Find Private English Lessons in Spain at a Cafe

Are you studying to be an English teacher through a certification course?  Most likely, your colleagues will know of interested students. The students you teach in the classroom during your course could even potentially become your private students!

Furthermore, when you eventually find private English lessons in Spain, the students you teach can recommend you to their family and friends.


Facebook Groups

With the increased use of social media today, you can find private English lessons in Spain easily. There are hundreds of Facebook groups you can join where people post daily seeking a private tutor. A simple search for “TEFL Teachers” in your region will lead you to many groups, and open the door for you to find students. If you want to be more proactive, make a post yourself! Make sure you specify if you have any qualifications, the rate you charge per hour, and your availability.

Use Social Media to Find Private English Lessons in Spain

Advertisements on Websites

In addition to Facebook, a wide variety of websites exist in which you can find private English lessons in Spain. One of the most popular is a website called tusclasesparticulares, translated to “your private classes”. By registering for free and making an account, you can make a post advertising your teaching services. What’s great about this website is that you can specify what type of student you’re looking for, the area of the city where you can give classes, and your schedule. It makes it very easy for compatible students to find you, and you just have to wait for the messages to start rolling in.

If you are in Madrid or Barcelona, an alternative to tusclasesparticulares is a website called lingobongo. Here you can make an advertisement to find private English lessons in Spain, as well as find a language exchange partner or even an apartment!


Hanging Up Flyers

If you’re into more of an old-school route, you can make flyers that advertise your classes to find students. You can hang them up around local English academies, around town, and around your local university. Make sure to you leave your contact details on the flyers so your potential students can contact you.


If you’re looking to find private English lessons in Spain, the possibilities are endless! Contact us today to find out more about our TEFL and CELTA certification programs, and about the many ways you can have a study abroad experience!

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