Choose Seville As Your Study Abroad Destination

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Why You Should Choose Seville

Contemplating studying in Spain, but have no idea which city to choose as your study abroad destination? With many fantastic and unique Spanish cities to choose from, it can be quite the daunting decision to make. Choose Seville as your home away from home, and you will fall in love with its charm, its people, and its culture. Additionally, you will see why so many expats and students alike choose the capital of Andalucía to live out a magical experience abroad.Choose Seville and see the famous Plaza de España

Traditional Spanish Charm

When foreigners think of traditional Spain, many times the images that appear in their minds are those of Seville. Let’s paint the picture: imagine yourself taking a walk down the narrow, cobblestoned streets encompassed by colorful buildings. Smell the enticing and fruity aromas of the orange trees.  Feel the sun warming your skin as you stroll along the Guadalquivir River. Pass through the historic and beautiful Real Alcazar, and instantly be transported back in time. Feel the sensations of life that fill the streets as you move through the center of the city. Take in the stunning cathedral and its famous Giralda Tower. Hear the echoes of Flamenco music and dance all around you, and be serenaded by the strokes of the Spanish guitar. Choose Seville to study abroad and you, too, will be able to experience these wonderful features that make the city unique.

Views of Calle Betis from the Guadalquivir River in Seville

Orange Trees in Seville



Perhaps one of Seville’s most attractive qualities is its impeccable weather year round. While during the summer most choose to escape the heat with a visit to the beach; the fall, winter, and spring in Seville are simply unsurpassable. Average winter temperatures are around 11°C (51°F), making it a sublime winter travel destination. In addition to pleasant temperatures, most days you won’t find a cloud in the sky.  Choose Seville, and the constant sun will warm you from the inside out.



Holy Week in Seville and its famous April Fair People on Horseback Enjoy Rebujito at the April Fair in Sevilleare two festivals that are simply not to be missed. The city comes alive with sensations of unity and tradition, as everyone comes together to celebrate their roots. Observe enchanting processions during Holy Week and you will really feel the spirit of the city. Visit the April Fair, and be surrounded by people dressed in traditional flamenco wear as they ride around in decorated horse-drawn carriages. Enjoy a glass of rebujito, which is the traditional drink of the fair, as you listen to the typical sevillanas music and dance.

Torre del Oro at Sunset in Seville




Named by Lonely Planet as the best city to visit in 2018, there’s no reason not to choose Seville to have your own unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for? Check out our programs in Seville today and come experience all that this amazing city has to offer.

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