Aubrey’s Experience: From Florida to Seville

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Aubrey’s Experience in Spain

This September, we had the pleasure of welcoming Aubrey to Spain. She chose Seville to study Spanish and to have a study abroad experience through one of our programs. Read about her experience so far!


Why were you inspired to come to Spain?

I was unsure about what I wanted to do after graduation and I thought it would be awesome to live in another country. I decided to live in Spain because I wanted to learn Spanish and I have heard so many great things about Spain. My parents met in Spain when they were both traveling the world and always rave about it so I decided I wanted to move to Spain.


How did you prepare yourself to come to Spain?

I prepared myself for Spain by reading blogs of other people who moved to Spain and just researching everything about Sevilla. Every day I would read more about it because I was so excited.


Why did you select the city that you chose?

I was between Barcelona and Sevilla and I asked Francesca (who helped me with all my questions) for her opinion. Francesca told me Barcelona was a much bigger international city where the dominant language is Catalan, and Sevilla is a true Spanish city where I would really be able to practice my Spanish. Her answer made my decision. Then I started researching Sevilla and fell in love.


Describe your impression of Spain when you first arrived.

The first day I arrived to Spain I was a little nervous because I only saw my drive from the airport to my Airbnb. I hadn’t seen anything. The next day when I actually walked around I fell in love and have only grown to love it more. Sevilla is seriously the best city.

How was your airport pickup with Spain-Study?

The airport pickup was awesome. Óscar and his friend were waiting for us right by baggage claim and helped me with my massive heavy suitcase. On the drive to my Airbnb, Óscar gave me a lot of information about Sevilla and then gave me even more information the next day.


Describe your Spanish classes. Have you noticed an improvement in your language capabilities since taking the classes?

My Spanish classes are great. They have helped me so much. I have learned Spanish much better than I expected. The classes are small and personable and the staff is so nice. I have seen great improvement in my Spanish in the short amount of time I’ve been taking the classes.

Have you noticed any cultural differences between Spain and the USA? Please describe them briefly.

The main cultural difference I’ve noticed between the United States and Spain is how relaxed Spain is. Everyone is in such a rush in the US and everyone’s lives revolve around work. In Spain people work to live, they don’t live to work. Everyone I have met has really stopped to enjoy the little things, for example enjoying cafe and tostado daily to enjoying tapas with family and friends. It is very social and relaxed.


Was it difficult to for you to adjust to the Spanish culture and lifestyle?

It was not difficult for me to adjust to the Spanish culture at all.


What is your favorite thing about Spain?

My favorite thing about Spain is the culture and not being in a crazy rush all the time and just how beautiful it is everywhere. I love the architecture, the buildings, the small streets, everything. It’s so unlike the US, it’s amazing.



What are some things you miss from the USA?

The things I miss from the US are my cat and Chipotle. But I have been discovering more Spanish food that I really like. I wasn’t sure what to order when I moved here but now I have gotten more comfortable with Spanish food and what to order. Spanish food is really good.


Do you have any advice for any prospective students before they come to Spain? What are some things you wish you would have known before arriving?

Eat all your favorite American foods before you come and get ready to have the best experience. I don’t have anything I wish I knew before arriving. Francesca and Óscar really helped me prepare.


Describe your general experience so far in Spain. Any additional information you want us or future students to know?

I am so happy I chose to come to Spain with Spain-Study. They have made it such a personable experience. They check up on me to see how everything’s going, they are always there to help or answer questions. We have become friends and I can’t express how happy I am that this is the program I chose to come to Spain with.


We would like to thank Aubrey for her wonderful answers and advice to future students. Live your own amazing Spanish adventure by checking out our programs, and contact us today for even more information!

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