Alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program

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Alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program

When researching ways to come to Spain, you’ve probably come across many different types of programs. Chances are, you’ve seen one of the most popular ones – Auxiliares de Conversacion. This program comes with a lot of chance because you don’t have complete control over where you’re placed. If you want to come to Spain with more certainty, here are some alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion program. 


Study Spanish

If you’re looking to improve your Spanish language skills, where better to do it than in Spain?  One of the many alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion program is to study Spanish in Spain. This comes with many advantages. The first is that if you choose to come for over three months, you’ll get the Spanish student visa. With this visa, you’re allowed to work up to 20 additional hours. Most Spanish courses are taught in the morning, meaning you’ll have the afternoons free! You could work at an English academy, do your Au Pair duties, or teach private English lessons. It’s a great way to learn the language and earn some money at the same time!

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Alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program is Studying Spanish

Au Pair

Another one of the many great alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion program is to be an Au Pair in Spain. This is a fantastic way to have a fully immersed experience living with a Spanish family, without having to worry about paying for food or accommodation and while earning a small weekly salary. Au Pairs usually work around 25 hours per week, meaning they have plenty of free time to study Spanish and really improve their language capabilities. Additionally, they have time to teach private English classes if they want, allowing them to earn even more cash! You can read up on becoming an Au Pair in Spain here and private English lessons here.



If you’re considering teaching English for the long term, one of the many alternatives to the Auxiliar de Conversacion program is to get certified to teach English. You can do this through a TEFL course or a CELTA course. With the Auxiliar program, you aren’t really provided with any type of training. Getting certified before participating in the program or as an alternative is a good idea to get familiar with the ins and outs of the job. In addition, it makes you a more competitive candidate when applying for language academy jobs, and allows you to charge more per hour for private English lessons. Want more information about the certifications?

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Teaching English in a classroom


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