Alternative Ways to Improve your Spanish in Spain

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How to Improve Your Spanish in Spain

So, you’ve decided to take some Spanish classes in Spain. That’s great! You’re already on your way to bettering your Spanish language capabilities. If you’re wondering how to improve your Spanish in Spain even more, in this article we will tell you some alternative ways!


Live with Native Spanish People

Having Fun with Roommates

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve your Spanish in Spain apart from taking classes would be to live with Spanish roommates. Not only will you be learning and practicing a lot during your Spanish course, but now you can be surrounded by Spanish 24/7. You’ll naturally pick up vocabulary through day to day life. Additionally, your fluency will improve greatly, as you’ll be forced to converse in Spanish!



If you listen to music a lot on the go, a great way you can improve your Spanish in Spain is by listening to Spanish podcasts instead. You’ll learn new vocabulary as you listen to the hosts talk about a wide array of topics and events. Some podcasts even have a native Spanish speaker and a non-native speaker as hosts. This is fantastic because as the Spanish host corrects the other’s mistakes, you’ll learn how to avoid making the same errors. An amazing podcast of this type is called Notes in Spanish. You can choose the level you want (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). The podcasts even come with worksheets to really get all you can out of each one!


Learning Through Music

If podcasts aren’t really your thing, another way you can improve your Spanish in Spain is by listening to Spanish music. You can find a wide variety of genres, such as Flamenco, pop, rock, and hip-hop! You can even try listening to reggaetón, party music from Latin America that is usually played in bars and clubs. By learning the lyrics and their meaning, you’ll be able to impress your Spanish friends!

Improve Your Spanish in Spain by Listening to Spanish Podcasts

You can also try using a website called Lyricstraining. This is a website in which you listen to songs, and either fill in the gaps in the lyrics as the song plays, or choose the correct multiple choice answer. You can choose your level before playing the song, and test your knowledge! With a wide variety of songs, you can choose the style that you like and improve your listening skills in a fun way.



If you’re not able to live with Spanish roommates, a great alternative to practicing Spanish with natives is participating in language exchanges, or intercambios. Here, you will meet people who are also interested in improving their own language skills. You can go to weekly language exchange events, or meet with someone one-on-one! At the end of your exchange, you’ll leave with improved fluency, and maybe even a new Spanish friend! Check your local city’s Facebook groups to see which events are closest to you.


Reading Books and Watching Movies

If none of the above options appeal to you – don’t worry! We’ve got one more trick on how you can improve your Spanish in Spain. If you’re a film fanatic, enhance your skills by watching the movies in Spanish with subtitles. It may require more concentration than normal, but it’s a great way to improve your listening skills. The characters will use language found in everyday situations, so you’ll pick up typical sayings instantly. You can even watch Spanish series on your TV in your apartment!

Man Reading a Spanish Book

If you prefer to read books, try reading a book in Spanish! Go to your local bookstore and browse the selection. They often have well-known books translated from English to Spanish. You can select your favorite one, and put your skills to the test!


Now that you’re prepared to complement your Spanish courses with alternative ways to improve, check out our programs today to get set up with a program that’s just right for you! 

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