Benefits of Having a Study Abroad Experience in Spain During the Summer

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Advantages of Studying in Spain During the Summer

Congratulations – you have decided to study abroad in Spain! Now, the question is, when? Many people choose to have their study abroad experience during the school year. However, studying in Spain during the summer has many advantages. Let’s find out what they are!



Most regions in Spain are known to have moderate and pleasant weather year round. If you are considering studying in Spain during the summer, you’ll have access to especially impeccable weather. In northern regions categorized by heavy rainfall, summer presents more sunny days and warmer temperatures. This means you’ll be able to visit Galicia’s Cies Islands, a hidden paradise just off the coast of Vigo. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend the day relaxing on Barcelona’s Barceloneta. You can even go to one of the many beautiful beaches in Cádiz or Málaga! Get informed about Spain’s weather here.

Go to many beaches when studying in Spain during the summer

Summer is also the season when many families do a lot of traveling to escape the heat. If you are complementing your studies with being an Au Pair, you could have the chance to go on your host family’s vacation with them. It’s a great way to get to know the family better, and have the chance to explore more during your stay in Spain!


Not Losing a Semester at School

You’ve decided on studying abroad, but there are some factors preventing you from doing so. Maybe you have an extremely heavy course load, or commitments during the school year that make it impossible. Studying in Spain during the summer means you’ll have the opportunity to have a study abroad experience without sacrificing time at school. You’ll be able to continue to take classes at your school during the year as normal. When summer rolls around, you won’t have to worry about falling behind. You can just focus on having an amazing study abroad experience in Spain!

Saving During the Year

Additionally, studying in Spain during the summer means you’ll have more time to prepare. For those of you who are working, you’ll have more time to save up before your big trip. Furthermore, you’ll have the entire year to research your new home and obtain all the information you need to have the best experience possible. It gives you time to do things more thoroughly, and you won’t have to rush while balancing your school work.

Save Money in Your Piggy Bank


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