There are many variety of activities in Spain, from innumerable sports allowing you to come in contact with nature, as well as the possibility of traveling to any part of Europe and even the North of Africa in just a few hours.

activities in SpainFlamenco

An important part of the activities and events that you  will be able to enjoy in Spain are those that are organized around flamenco. Flamenco is a unique musical genre of our country, and it involves many different styles. You can find flamenco shows in almost every part of the city, from musicians that play on  the street to  bars that include flamenco show to any city’s fair.

Because flamenco is so important in  the Spanish culture, there are   festivals in every city, of which, the most important is Seville’s Biennial Flamenco Festival. It has been held every 2 years since 1979, allowing many artists to perform.

It is held  between the months of September and October with around  200,000 people in attendance.

You, too, can attend incredible flamenco shows, and even if it is not at the Biennial Flamenco Festival, it could be at the Flamenco Temple in Granada, the Andalusian Patio of Barcelona or  Seville’s Patio.


activities in SpainAquatic Sports

Spain has a privileged geographic situation. It is a peninsula between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The fact that it is a peninsula makes it a country that is practically surrounded by water. Therefore, at almost any point,  you can practise activities along the sea, such as kite surfing and windsurfing in Tarifa, Cádiz. Additionally, you can go scuba diving on the coast of Granada or snorkeling in the calm, crystal clear waters in the North of Spain.

activities in Spain

Highland Sports and Snow

We can find immense natural highlands like the Pyrenees (Baqueira Beret) and the peaks of Europe in the North or the Sierra Nevada in the South.  These are impressive mountainous systems with their own climates that favor skiing and snowboarding in the Winter, or hiking and visiting canyons in the Summer.

National Parks
You can also find marshes areas  and wetlands like the Doñana National Reserve, which is close  to Seville. Doñana is one of  the  biggest national parks in Europe and is home to many unique  species. In all of the National Parks you can go horseback riding, take boat rides, and travel through the dunes using special vehicles.

activities in SpainSport Events
Spain hosts important  sporting events like marathons in both  Barcelona and Seville.

The country offers many sports that you can participate in, as well as many sports that you can watch. Spain hosts some of the most famous soccer teams in the world  like Football Club Barcelona, Real Madrid, and  Sevilla Football Club.

Every weekend there are many football games so that wherever and whenever you are, you will be able to enjoy of impressive and competitive Spanish football league, which is considered one of the best in the world.

Every team has affordable tickets and often offers discounts for foreign students to promote the league.  Basketball is also one of the most popular sports; Spain has one of the strongest leagues in  Europe so you will be able to watch the best European basketball.

activities in SpainConcerts and Festivals
You can enjoy musical events throughout the year, from festivals like Arenal  Sound to local concerts and international music groups that tour in  the main Spanish cities every year. Almost every city organises at least one music festival per  year, and during the Summer you can even attend concerts on the beach.

activities in SpainInfrastructure and Transport
In the world of transport, Spain is a privileged country due to having  the second best high speed railway  network  in  the world. You  will be able to travel quickly between cities comfortably  and at a good price. Spain’s geographic situation is also extremely favorable. Depending on which city you live in, you can easily travel  to Portugal or France by car or take a flight to London, Paris or Berlin using any of the various  low cost companies  that operate in Europe. This will enable you  to  travel often for less than 100 USD.

The flight connections within Spain also are great and from practically any city, you can fly to any other Spanish city, including its islands, so you can take advantage of Ibiza’s infamous parties or the incredible surfing in  the  Canary Islands between volcanic landscapes.